The Virtual University, Pakistan’s first University based completely on modern Information and Communication Technologies, was established by the Government as a public sector, not-for-profit institution with a clear mission: to provide extremely affordable world class education to aspiring students all over the country.

Using free-to-air satellite television broadcasts and the Internet, the Virtual University allows students to follow its rigorous programs regardless of their physical locations. It thus aims at alleviating the lack of capacity in the existing universities while simultaneously tackling the acute shortage of qualified professors in the country. By identifying the top Professors of the country, regardless of their institutional affiliations, and requesting them to develop and deliver hand-crafted courses, the Virtual University aims at providing the very best courses to not only its own students but also to students of all other universities in the country.

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HRM Practices and Employee’s Performance: Moderating Role of Islamic Work Ethics and Mediating Role of HR Outcomes in Judiciary of Punjab, Pakistan

Muhammad Salman Chughtai (Issue Date : 26-01-2018)

The current aims of study is to examine the impact of HRM practices i.e recruitment & selection, training & development and performance appraisal on employee performance with mediating role of HR outcomes and moderating role of Islamic Work Ethics i...

Studying Impact of Teachers’ Training on Students’ Academic Achievement: Standardized Achievement Test Based Evidence

Hari Lal (Issue Date : 18-01-2018)

In this study, the impact of teachers’ training on students’ achievement was evaluated. The research was on quasi-experimental design as SAT Project data was used for analysis. The impact of training was evaluated on Donald Kirkpatrick’s four-level ...

An Enhanced Set of Heuristics for Evaluating Gestural Operations in News Media Mobile Applications

Lubna Yaqoob (Issue Date : 16-01-2018)

In the last two years of using mobile apps, world today expanded its readership as much as it did in the first 29 years of its existence. Accessing the usability issues allows improving its users more. For this, one trendy method for detecting usabil...

Impact of Capital Structure on Economic Value Added (EVA) – A Study of PSX Listed Companies

Abu Bakar Bin Rizwan (Issue Date : 15-01-2018)

This thesis intends to investigate the impact of capital structure on the performance of non-financial firms of Pakistan. Non-financial firms listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange are taken as sampling frame for the study. Economic value added (EVA) is u...

Design, Development and Performance Analysis of CPU Scheduling Algorithms

Ghazala Bibi (Issue Date : 05-12-2017)

OS is set of activities which enables a user or group of users to make utilization of system resources. Multiprogramming OS runs several jobs concurrently. The aim of the multiprogramming is to use the system resources optimally. Optimal resource uti...

Interactive Visual Tools for Multiple Sequence Alignment Versions 2.0

Muhammad Ashfaq (Issue Date : 29-11-2017)

IVisTMSA Version 2.0 (Interactive Visual Tools for Multiple Sequence Alignments Version 2.0) is visual tool in support of control, analysis, editing as well as annotation of several sequence association. The proposed version offers several analysis a...

Factors Leading to Cloud Computing Adoption: A Study of Textile Spinning Units

Umair Pervez (Issue Date : 29-11-2017)

In a country, where industry has to suffer prolonged daily power outages, keeping vital computing infrastructure running smoothly is not an easy endeavor. Cloud computing is a relatively new phenomenon that is growing at a very rapid pace as a soluti...

SXP: Simplified Extreme Programming Process Model

Faiza Anwer (Issue Date : 15-11-2017)

Software development is a critical task that require comprehensive guidelines in the form of software development process model. Plan driven software development models were the earliest models that mostly provide sequential development approach. Wit...

ISCRUM: An Improved SCRUM Process Model

Sara Ashraf (Issue Date : 14-11-2017)

Transition of Software industry from classical software development to Agile software development is because of the continuously changing market needs and complex business transformations. By offering faster delivery of quality product with better co...

The Impact of Audit Committee Attributes on Audit Report Lag and Financial Performance: Evidence from Pakistan Stock Exchange

Nazik Hussain (Issue Date : 13-11-2017)

During the last couple of decades, some serious scandals like Waste Management, Enron, WorldCom, Satyam, Swissair etc. were observed in corporate sector around the World. This loses confidence of stakeholders and due returns on their investment. The...

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