The Virtual University, Pakistan’s first University based completely on modern Information and Communication Technologies, was established by the Government as a public sector, not-for-profit institution with a clear mission: to provide extremely affordable world class education to aspiring students all over the country.

Using free-to-air satellite television broadcasts and the Internet, the Virtual University allows students to follow its rigorous programs regardless of their physical locations. It thus aims at alleviating the lack of capacity in the existing universities while simultaneously tackling the acute shortage of qualified professors in the country. By identifying the top Professors of the country, regardless of their institutional affiliations, and requesting them to develop and deliver hand-crafted courses, the Virtual University aims at providing the very best courses to not only its own students but also to students of all other universities in the country.

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Productivity Enhancement: A Case study of Production Management Systems in Denim Jeans Manufacturing Industry in Pakistan

Zil Hasnain (Issue Date : 10-07-2015)

Clothing is not only a need but also is an expression, a way of thinking and a desire. Apparel Manufacturing Industry has to face unlimited variety in clothing styles due to infinite desires. Increasingly fierce competition, fast changing customer ...


Zeeshan Akram (Issue Date : 10-05-2018)

Wireless local area network (WLAN) has changed the paradigm of communication and become ubiquitous. As the number of devices connected on wireless is increasing, it is therefore, essential to find vulnerabilities in the security of wireless network...

Design Patterns for Mobile Games

Yasir Hussain (Issue Date : 18-11-2015)

Software Design Patterns have proven impact on an application and its development process. Their success in software development industry attracted mobile game designers and developers to use them in the context of mobile games. However, not enough r...

Feature Selection for Agile Development Through Data Mining Techniques

Waqas Jawaid (Issue Date : 25-11-2014)

Traditionally software development has been performed by following a phased model. This model is called the waterfall (or traditional) model, in which the software development life cycle is divided into distinct phases i.e. requirements elicitation, ...

The Role of Gender Based Emotional Intelligence in Managing Stress

Usmara Aslam (Issue Date : 21-08-2017)

The core rational of the research is to investigate the impact of gender based emotional intelligence on job stress in doctors of teaching hospitals in Pakistan (focusing mainly Punjab), a developing country perspective. The study has four main objec...

HRD as a set of Generic Activities Associated with Learning Leading to a Learning Organization: A Case of Mobilink, Pakistan.

Urooj Usman (Issue Date : 17-06-2015)

The purpose of the study was to determine that whether employed Human Resource Development (HRD) activities turn an organization into a learning organization (LO) or not, particularly in context of Pakistan’s telecom sector. Data were collected from ...

Determinants and Outcomes of Knowledge Workers’ Commitment to the Organization

Ume Rubaca (Issue Date : 28-01-2016)

Medical Specialists, attributed as knowledge worker in this study, are considered to be an asset for the organizations they are serving not only because of their knowledge but also due to huge investment Govt. of Pakistan is spending annually on thei...

Factors Leading to Cloud Computing Adoption: A Study of Textile Spinning Units

Umair Pervez (Issue Date : 29-11-2017)

In a country, where industry has to suffer prolonged daily power outages, keeping vital computing infrastructure running smoothly is not an easy endeavor. Cloud computing is a relatively new phenomenon that is growing at a very rapid pace as a soluti...

Effect of Service Quality on Customer’s Behavioral Intention in Group Life Insurance

Ubaid-Ur-Rahman (Issue Date : 30-01-2015)

A new trend in insurance sector is focusing more on customer rather than product so it is very hard to differentiate among insurance products in rapidly growing competitive market. In Pakistan, insurance sector is increasingly more concerned about c...

Impact of Financial and Macroeconomic Measures on Economic Development

Tenzeela Shouket (Issue Date : 07-08-2015)

SAARC countries are, in general, under developing economies having less remarkable growth rate. This study focuses on to find out the impact of financial and fiscal variables on economic development of 5 SAARC countries, namely; Pakistan, India, Nepa...

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